Polycom Conference Phones Dubai


Conference calls are a staple of small to medium sized businesses. As companies open new locations, hire remote employees, and service widespread customers, these calls allow dispersed teams to stay connected on a regular basis. And as the technology behind conference calling has advanced, so has the hardware supporting it.

Most VoIP desk phones come with a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calling, but the microphone isn’t ideal for pick up input from more than one person. For group calls, a business conference phone provides a much better calling experience. These devices are designed to accommodate large spaces with multiple speakers.

Conference phones typically offer HD voice, echo cancellation, and detachable microphones, all of which help render sounds clearly on both ends of the call, creating a more fluid and organic meeting. When paired with a conference bridge, these phones can handle a very large number of meeting participants.

As your business expands, in both size and geography, it might make sense to purchase conference phones for your office locations. Deploying conference phones with your business phone system can create easier logistical setups, enable clear, wide-scale communication within your company, and increase efficiency during meetings.

Putting conference phones in your meeting rooms saves your employees the trouble of having to dial into calls with personal desk phones or smartphones. This method can actually decrease meeting cohesion, because it doesn’t allow your employees to occupy a single space together, which degrades the organic nature of staff meetings. Multiplying the number of devices required can also lead to technical complications and failures, which can delay and disrupt the call.

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