Discussion And Tech Support On Firewall Protection

Before starting with the discussion on Windows firewall, let’s know what a firewall actually is. Firewall is a software or hardware utility that blocks unwanted access to your computer. These are critical component of a computer security system and necessary to keep your PC secured while they are connected to internet. According to tech support specialists, it is important to install and connect to a firewall prior to connecting to the internet. A firewall not only protects your PC from virus attack or other malware threats, but also keeps hackers away from sensitive data.

Windows Firewall is a specialized PC security product designed to protect complete computer operations from vulnerable threats. You can get the Microsoft firewall system as a specific product from market or bundled with Microsoft operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. For better security of your high speed internet connection, often online tech support professionals suggest hardware-based firewall utilities that secure broadband connections such as cable, DSL, satellite or fiber. According to computer support experts, you really don’t need firewall software if your internet gateway is protected with a secured router. So, what kind of firewall you actually need?

Well, this is hot debate topic. Some tech support professionals think you must have a software firewall to protect your computing optimally, while some other think hardware protection is just more than enough to restrict outbound connections for nefarious purpose. Now the fact is, software and hardware firewall protection maters significantly in case of laptop computers. If your laptop is connected to the internet through your home network, there is no difference in terms of firewall setup. But, in case you are getting connected to internet from outside, such as hotel room or airport, you are no longer protected with your hardware firewall. So, it is always wise to have a software firewall in your system.

The free firewall software packages available over internet can help you prevent threatening intrusions and keep your computer free from virus and spyware attacks. Online technical support companies can help you get the free utilities from authentic sources. Chances are there to get scammed, and therefore you must be very careful while selecting and downloading free open source software utilities. If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, be rest assured that you already have a protection inbuilt called Windows Firewall. Not getting the program option in your operating system? Ask a remote tech support vendor to help you locate and access that. If you are using Mac, you will find the protection at Security panel. In the earlier version of Mac OS you can access the setting Sharing Pane in System Preference.

However, ZoneAlarm Firewall, Comodo Personal Firewall, Sunbelt, Agnitum Outpost are some of the popular free firewalls you can download and install to give your PC an added protection. How to pick the best suitable firewall from the lot? As online technical support professionals suggest you must read through the descriptions of free firewall programs before downloading one.